Data Governance and Workflow Tools To Curate Your Data

You’ve got provider data in lots of places today.
Manage that data in Phynd.

Managing provider data across the enterprise means managing
data flows, data access, security and more

At Phynd, we’re experts in the science of data governance.  Your provider data is your crown jewels.

Use Phynd to configure what systems feed Phynd, and which systems Phynd feeds.  Which fields should be updated. 
Whether the feed is automatic or needs curation..

  • Assign individuals to Phynd roles with different levels of data access – read only, edit, and more.
  • Phynd is the only ISO27001 certified provider data platform.
  • Phynd is the perfect blend of democratizing provider curation while maintaining control.

The result? A powerful asset that makes all processes run smoothly.

Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about data governance and security with Phynd.

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