Add-on: Search API

Enhance your website provider and location search capabilities

What if you could connect your patient-facing website with the most powerful, continuously-curated repository of providers…to ensure all patients can always find the most convenient and experienced caregiver…regardless of how many times your provider changed locations…or works in multiple offices on different days?

Now you can. Using Phynd’s Search API.

Phynd Application

  • Worklists: Provides role-based workflows for your users to actively manage profiles
  • Phynd a Doc search: Quickly find your existing providers or enroll new referring providers
  • Service Lines: Empowers each of your departments to define and maintain its own hierarchy of departmental service lines, service groups, and clinical expertise terms; manages assignment of providers to the hierarchy
  • Locations: Logical groupings of your affiliated provider groups and the assignment of providers to locations
  • Provider Outreach: Direct provider engagement through outreach campaigns

Phynd Platform

  • Your unique and separate Phynd instance with secure integration channels to your core systems
  • Phynd National Provider Directory: Our proprietary database containing more than 4 million basic profiles of ready-to-enroll licensed US healthcare providers
  • Clinical Expertise Library: A comprehensive taxonomy library representing the hierarchy of service lines, service groups, clinical terms (e.g., symptom, condition, treatment, procedure, diagnosis), and associated consumer-friendly terms
  • ISO 27001-ready: A secure platform that hosts your consolidated provider profiles

Professional Services

  • Implementation Services: EHR and credentialing specialists integrate the Phynd Platform with your clinical systems
  • Account Management Services: Your single point of contact who communicates upcoming product releases and drives adoption and usage through training and best practices

Search API

  • A standard interface: Supports the capture of provider search criteria and returns matching provider profiles
  • Flexibility: Shares provider information to support website searches and other applications

Provider Verification Services

  • Supplemental staff: Supports your staff to improve the quality of your provider information
  • Provider information specialists: Our US-based virtual call center verifies and updates provider contact data for your specified list of referring providers
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