What is Phynd A Doc?
Phynd A Doc is an application that extends the value of the accurate provider data in Phynd. Phynd A Doc significantly improves the granularity and accuracy of the provider information upon which online provider referral searches are based.

Why is Phynd A Doc Important?
Effective referral management tools, as will all operational systems, require accurate data to be effective. In combination, Phynd and Phynd A Doc, ensure a broad set a accurate physician data is available to physicians and consumers alike, regardless of whether they access this information from within the health system or through online referral management sites.

How will Phynd A Doc enhance my existing Find A Physician tool?
Phynd A Doc will enhance your physicians ability to provide effective and appropriate patient referrals and support your online marketing and consumer-driven referral initiatives.

Can I add Phynd A Doc to Phynd?
Yes. Because Phynd A Doc is managed via software licensing, Phynd organization can quickly and easily implement Phynd A Doc.

I already have a Find A Physician tool on my website. Why do I need Phynd A Doc?
Phynd A Doc is not a replacement for your existing online and internal physician referral tools. It is designed to enhance the effectiveness of these existing tools by expanding the range of data fields that are included in physician search results and improving the accuracy of the information that is available.

Can I purchase Phynd A Doc without purchasing Phynd?
Phynd A Doc is an application extension of Phynd that leverages the value of the accurate information within Phynd.

How can Phynd A Doc benefit our health systems referral management efforts?
Your referral management efforts rely upon rapid access to a constantly changing set of provider that must remain accurate and be comprehensive enough to provide the details needed by all users. Phynd A Doc and Phynd ensure these criteria are always met and your referral management efforts are efficient and effective.