Continuous Profile Improvement

With Phynd there is a continuous cycle of provider data profile improvements. Inputs from external and internal sources and departments such as admissions, scheduling, ancillary, call-centers as well as self-service tools used by care-providers, all add up to better provider data for your hospital. The Phynd solution is your single source for accurate provider information.

If any changes are made to the system there is a complete audit trail of who changed the profile, what the content was before and after the change, and when it was changed. Phynd reports show how data changes over time and what profiles need attention.

In addition, provider address and contact information updates by customers, Phynd Verification Services and providers are shared across the Phynd Network for all to benefit from. The Phynd Network is a private, national network of verified provider profiles only accessible to Phynd customers.

Provider Data Management
Provider Data Management

The Universal Provider Profile

Phynd utilizes patent-pending Universal Provider Profiles (UPP) for every provider in the country (over 3 million). Whether the provider is a new referral to your hospital, credentialed or referring, they are in Phynd. Each UPP contains sections and fields that are either standard or custom information mapped into the profile by the Phynd Mapper. 

Custom fields and taxonomies can be on any topic and from any IT system in the hospital that you want to view in the UPP. All information is permissioned for viewing and editing. For example, your hospital may have three legacy identifiers for a provider, in Phynd each provider ID becomes a custom field. Fields and sections are permissioned for changes and views. 

All UPP data is accessible via your internal hospital systems and

Add Providers On The Fly

One of the more complex issues hospitals face daily is when the front-line team needs to add a new provider in real-time. If someone on the front-lines cannot find a provider in the EMR or admitting system they simply search in Phynd and enable that provider's UPP. The UPP (with NPI, DEA and state data) then flows real-time into the EMR and other systems.

Provider Data Management
Provider Data Management

We Take Security Seriously

We understand the challenges that affect provider data management; balancing management tools and access rights with security and interoperability are critical challenges that must be addressed to create a single-source of truth for provider data.

The Phynd platform is a cloud-based enterprise IT solution designed to meet these unique demands and support your organizations unique data governance model. We secure sensitive provider data within an ISO27001 ready information security management system that utilizes permissioned access to ensure those responsible to managing provider data can make the changes that benefit the rest of the organization.

Successful Provider Search Requires Accurate Data

Finding the right healthcare provider the first time requires the integration of accurate information about all providers to exist within the requisite systems. This must include clinical interests, detailed practice scope, health system relationship and practical location-based information.

Consumers, providers and call centers all benefit from the Phynd platform, and the Phynd A Doc application because it enables the accurate referring physician information they need to be obtained the first time. We can feed all clinical and back office systems, including public and private referral search websites, with the accurate healthcare provider data needed to meet the clinical, operational, marketing and strategic needs of the organization.

Provider Data Management
Provider Data Management

Front-Line Workflow Tools

Your best provider information is captured on the front-lines of the hospital (medical staff office, ancillary departments, scheduling, admissions, referral hotline, help-desk) as they engaged with the providers. Phynd provides tools for these front-line departments to view, manage and change specific fields that relate to their area of expertise. We call these teams Phynd Managers and they play a key part in maintaining data integrity.

Automated Data Synchronization

The Phynd Platform is a thin-layer that easily synchronizes bi-directionally, in real-time, with hospital IT systems. Phynd accepts flat file, HL7 MFN or web services. 

The Phynd Mapper uses a modern mapping approach to alleviate the need for direct integrations. All mapping and data governance rules are viewable in the platform by administrators.

Provider Data Management