Phynd Combines a Deep Provider Data Model with Modern Data Management Tools

Through the Phynd 360° Provider Platform, manage more than 500 fields per provider including location, health plans, networks, clinical interests, and more.

Phynd uses workflow tools and data governance at the field level to insure accurate provider information for each type of user  

Phynd's proven workflow tools enable health system to democratize provider data management. 

Data governance rules determine which systems are sources of truth for Phynd…and which systems’ feeds need curation before uploading to Phynd.

Phynd’s workflow tools enable hundreds of users across your enterprise to view and edit specific fields tied to their area of expertise on providers.

A complete audit trail is created for changes made to provider information.

Phynd's modern data management approach is a breakthrough for IT departments trying to build modern data management best practices.



Phynd's tools are used by registration, scheduling, IT, radiology, lab, HIM and other departments to constantly curate provider information as an enterprise asset

Add providers to your team to maintain their own profile data

Phynd’s outreach tool makes it easy to run digital campaigns that ensure providers or their delegates update profiles with current information.

These tools work in harmony with Phynd’s worklists and workflow tools.

Learn how Phynd’s design makes provider management easy.

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