Location, Location, Location…Did we tell you it’s all about Location?

Manage your health system locations - hospitals, clinics, facilities, and other - in a dedicated profile that is connected to provider profiles and a clinical taxonomy

Nothing’s more important than patient access to their care providers....
They need the right locations

Phynd enables health systems to manage their physical assets (locations) just like they manage providers

Locations are often more relevant to patients than the provider. Imaging and laboratory facilities are good examples because patients are as likely to be referred for vital services as physician consults.

Phynd keeps track of providers and services at each location. Health plans accepted. Hours of operation. Driving directions. Parking instructions. And much more.

 Manage data on locations offering specific procedures and providers...and know where to park


Connect your website to Phynd for better location and provider search. You’ll Phynd that life is better.

  • Offer indexed location search
  • Manage all details on locations including hours of operations
  • Increased appointments and utilization

Make it easy for patients to access the location and services they need

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