Real-time Provider Enrollment – Only with Phynd

Phynd makes enrolling new providers fast and easy.

Real-time provider enrollment is a

You're always missing providers at the time of registration, scheduling and referral. Today, missing providers are addressed through a time-consuming and labor intensive manual process that may take weeks.

Phynd changes the rules of the game. Enroll providers with Phynd when:

  • Using the Phynd application
  • Registering / scheduling patients in your EHR

Phynd frees your IT team from the bondage of data entry. Your processes will finally flow smoothly with real-time provider enrollment, when you need it.

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Phynd’s provider enrollment frees you from provider research and data entry.

> With a single click, add new providers to your EHR, revenue cycle and HIM.
> If you use Epic a complete and faster ‘provider on the fly’ process every time.”

Learn how Phynd Real-time Provider Enrollment enhances your operations.

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