Provider Enrollment
Patient admissions needs complete and accurate provider information.

Enrolling new providers is a snap with Phynd

Revenue cycle and in-patient care both begin at patient admission. Without complete provider information at the point of patient admission, the admissions process bogs down.

When providers aren’t in your system, “patient on the fly” admissions processes are inefficient.

Your staff may have to create dummy admissions records… and update with provider information later.

When your admissions software is powered by Phynd, however, enrolling new providers is a snap. Simply look up a provider in Phynd’s National Provider Directory, and click – that provider is now in your system. No more dummy admissions records.

You’re no dummy. Get Phynd. 

Turn claims into cash faster with better
provider information

Reducing receivables and days sales outstanding is a never-ending battle.

Too many claims are tied up in “research” or denied due to incomplete or incorrect provider information. A missing NPI or incorrect address sends your claims team into time-consuming, never-ending research.

All that changes with Phynd.

Phynd serves as the single trusted source for high-quality provider information for all your providers – both affiliated and non-affiliated.

Phynd’s complete and accurate provider profiles accelerate your claims submission process, reducing DSO, improving cash flow and your overall financial health.

You’ll Phynd your revenue cycle runs more smoothly… with Phynd.

Poor provider information causes...

  • Manual work for physician liasions
  • Poor provider recruiting performance
  • Lower-than-acceptable provider utilization
  • Time-consuming provider onboarding

Phynd benefits include...

  • Reduced time/costs to enroll referring providers
  • Boosted physician liaison productivity
  • Expanded provider market share
  • Increased in-patient/specialist utilization

Learn how Phynd can boost productivity and improve your Provider Enrollment processes.

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