Provider Enrollment
Patient admissions needs complete and accurate provider information.

Real-time provider enrollment: A new best practice

Missing provider information grinds patient reg/sched to a halt.

Phynd ensures you schedule in Epic (or other EHRs) without missing information. 

Close your reg/sched gaps. With Phynd.

Better provider information drives down DSO

Reducing receivables is a never-ending battle.

A missing NPI or address creates endless research.

Phynd eliminates delays. Cash flows faster.

Revenue cycle runs smoothly… with Phynd.

Poor provider information causes...

  • Manual work for physician liasions
  • Poor provider recruiting performance
  • Lower-than-acceptable provider utilization
  • Time-consuming provider onboarding

Phynd benefits include...

  • Reduced time/costs to enroll referring providers
  • Boosted physician liaison productivity
  • Expanded provider market share
  • Increased in-patient/specialist utilization

Learn how Phynd can boost productivity and improve your Provider Enrollment processes.

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