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Extend the value of your Epic EHR and Phynd 360 Platform with a suite of tools designed to streamline maintenance of accurate provider data in EHR, facilitating necessary connections between Epic and Phynd instances to facilitate the most efficient enrollment process for all teams involved.

Provider Data Connect 

Exclusive to Phynd, developed in collaboration with Epic

Embedded provider enrollment workflow designed for Epic Users to search Phynd’s National Provider Network and enroll a provider directly into Phynd and Epic in real-time, without leaving Epic Hyperspace.

Inbound Interface

The Inbound Interface for Provider Data Connect allows health systems to easily send data from Epic to Phynd, in the format Phynd expects, with minimal effort.


                  * Included in the base package 

Outbound Interface

Real-time Outbound for Provider Data Connect allows the health system to keep data in Phynd in sync with Epic, in real-time. This includes data updates as well as provider enrollments from the Phynd Network.

Reduce compliance risk
Accelerate Revenue Cycle
Expedite Claims Processing
Boost Operational efficiency
Feature Hightlight
Reporting Workbench

Phynd has collaborated with Epic to create a standard Reporting Workbench package that can be installed and run by your Epic reporting workbench team. Generally the SER team manages this data extract and integration to Phynd. 

This standard package eliminated the need for custom interface development often required by the health system to send data to an external system.

Provider Templates for Epic

Manually updating provider data via Excel is tedious. With Provider Data Connect, Provider Templates are build into the platform. Health systems can determine the settings that should be applied to each type of provider (referring, NP, MD, DO, PA, etc).

Ensuring the Provider SER record has proper settings applied and is filled out with accurate data, especially for referring provider populations

Phynd Network

The Phynd Network is a national network of providers with individual profiles for each provider, similar to the Provider Profile but with only a few sections of curated data. Phynd curates data from various national sources at varying frequencies based on when sources publishes data.

Phynd’s National Provider Network consists of highly curated provider profile from State and National data Sources like CMS, DEA, NPPES, and more.

How some of our customers use provider enrollement capabilities now: 

20,667 Providers Enrolled in Phynd 

• 19,118 Referring Providers Enrolled

• 1,549 Credentialed Providers Enrolled

• 10k+ Providers updated monthly

Only 10 total users needed to maintain the workflow 
Approximate time savings with Phynd


SER hours per year *
Automate enrollment process and real-time updates across systems in 4 simple steps: