Unified Provider Data Platform

Ingest and integrate provider data from multiple systems, applications, files and APIs into central master hub for all provider information. 


Embed quality into data management and regulatory compliance with a thoroughly collaborative, pervasive and cohesive approach to data governance.

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Improve operational efficiency and reduce redundancy with trustworthy data derived from batch and real-time processing, bolstered with market-leading data cleaning and enrichment tools.


Get more value from your provider data by making it available to internal and external applications, with tailored context and format to fit best end user needs. 

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Provider Data Management 
 Search API & Web App
Provider Schedule Advisor 
Provider Data Connect

Phynd Solutions to Serve:

Consumers & Providers

Offering Smooth Search & Scheduling

Presenting the Right Doctor,

Plan, Location

Making Referrals Smoother 

Driving Higher Utilization

Information Management 

Infusing Data Quality/Governance

EHR-Integrated Provider Enrollment

Free Teams from Data Management

Eliminate Provider Maintenance Tickets

Access & Operations

Improved Operational Efficiency 

Optimized Referral Processes

Streamlined Workflows

Balancing Patient Load 

Reducing Wrong Appointment Type  

Digital Marketers

Improving Consumer Experience

Best-in-Class Provider Search 

Increasing Online Appointments 

Driving up Domain Authority

Strengthening Digital Brand

Clinical Systems 
Marketing & Patient Access

Provider Profile Management

How about a demo?

We will be happy to tailor a comprehensive custom demonstration highlighting the features most relevant to your needs. Additionally, we will walk you through the details of the Phynd360™ Platform in the context of your organization and requirements. 

Manage provider data like never before.  Organize provider information smartly …by name, location, health plans, clinical expertise, telemedicine offerings and more. Phynd’s robust, flexible profiles will make your digital marketing, patient access, and value-based care teams heroes.  More than a database, Phynd lets­ users:

  • Enroll new providers in real-time into Phynd and your EHR for smoother patient access, registration/scheduling, and revenue cycle management.

  • Maintain robust provider profiles – 500+ data points per provider…demographics, service lines, locations, accepted health plans and networks, reviews, ratings, and more.

  • Maintain work lists to prioritize provider edits, reviews and approvals via Phynd’s data governance.

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Location Profile Management

Locations come to life in Phynd.  Your digital natives and consumers will appreciate Phynd’s detailed location profiles which improve consumer search and referrals, improving consumer satisfaction while reducing call volumes.  Phynd helps you manage:

  • Active providers at each location: specialties, health plans accepted, and network participation

  • Specialties, clinical services, tests, and procedures offered at each location

  • Hours of operation, directions, parking information, ADA compliance and other information needed by patients and providers.

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Clinical Expertise Management

Consumers and patient access teams will always Phynd the right provider with Phynd's innovative clinical expertise data management capabilities. Phynd helps:

  • Provider-to-Expertise Mapping – Phynd’s software tools match providers with the right specialty, subspecialty, clinical and consumer-friendly terms in its 30,000-term clinical vocabulary.  Consumers will find the right provider with the right skills every time.  

  • Service Line Participation – Efficiently manage and market provider participation in your service and sub-service line structures.    

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Health Plan & Network Management


Phynd ensures you accurately track and report out provider health plan and network participation, and share that data for provider search.  Phynd manages provider and care location participation in:


  • Commercial payor and health system plans,

  • Medicare and Medicaid programs,

  • ACOs and Clinical Networks.

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Programs Management


Phynd tracks your medical education and research programs.

Capabilities include:


  • Manage providers participation in individual programs, including membership dates, role and status. 

  • Report out each program’s participants and participation information.

  • Saving administrative time spent overseeing program management externships, internships, fellowships, residency, pastoral education, pharmacy, and post-doctoral programs.

  • Displaying program participation in provider profiles, viewable as providers are searched.

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Support for industry standards:

  •  Support for legacy and emerging healthcare standards and formats - HL7, XML, JSON, CDA, C-CDA, FHIR

  • Connection over multiple transport protocols - MLLP, HTTP, FTP, Rest and others

  • Built on AWS Private Cloud 

  • Available on App Orchard Marketplace

  • ISO 27001 Certified  


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Integration Services

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National Provider Network Access

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Provider Reporting

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