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Unifying Provider Data Solves Many Healthcare Challenges

By Adrian Sanabria-Diaz | June 14, 2016

Unifying provider data in one accurate and secure source can solve many of the challenges that face today’s healthcare organizations on a daily basis.

Phynd Technologies platform was created to help hospitals and health systems unify their provider data – a critical task in today’s healthcare delivery environment. Hospitals have thousands of credentialed and referring providers with their information stored in hundreds of data silos. This provider community changes rapidly with 2.4 percent of all providers changing addresses or other contact information every month. Without a Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform, there is no way to handle the almost impossible mission of managing this provider data.

Our technology platform provides single sign-on access to a secure VPN where healthcare organizations can manage a single, unified provider profile that is integrated with all applications necessary to create, from internal and external sources, a composite view of their providers. Organizations use workflow tools to curate and securely share provider information, regardless of where the data is stored, with anyone who needs it -- enterprise-wide. The Phynd UPM Platform:

  • Seamlessly enrolls new providers within the EMR, revenue cycle systems and claims processing systems

  • Improves referral management with provider data and tools to identify by specialty, practice, proximity, insurance and others

  • Manages all addresses (including primary) and other demographic information for revenue cycle, meaningful use and other uses

  • Facilitates care coordination with specific devices, emails and other information

  • Aids OIG compliance for protecting providers medical identity and other regulatory requirements

  • Provides complete reporting on all work performed, including history trails that offer an accurate audit of all workflow.

A unified source for provider data is the life’s blood of a healthcare organization and managing this critical information can solve many of the challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations.

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