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UC Irvine Breaks Down Data Silos and Unifies Provider Data

By Thomas White | April 21, 2016

In a recent article, the CIO of UC Irvine Health discussed how his institution implemented big data practices that empowered population health management, value-based care and other IT initiatives at the health system. With new systems generating more information than ever before, big data is rapidly creating a challenging but promising opportunity for healthcare providers.

As hospitals began to adopt electronic health records, there was a significant growth in the amount of data -- some of which was stored and confined to the EHR system. As healthcare organizations continued to adopt new systems that provided additional assistance in managing information, more and varied data silos have been brought into the equation.

UC Irvine Medical Center recently began the implementation of Phynd Technologies’ Unified Provider Management (UPM) platform to help them focus on their most important asset: the provider. Phynd’s UPM platform will enable UC Irvine to manage on one platform all information for providers that work with, or are connected at any level to the health system.

The Phynd Platform is a highly secure (ISO 27001-ready, private VPN connection), multi-integrating (bi-directional HL7), work-flow driven (roles and permissioned based), on-demand cloud-based platform. UC Irvine will see immediate impact in the quality, quantity and reach of provider data across their IT systems and user population.

Enabling provider focused big data will allow UC Irvine to:

  • Free up +10% of accounts receivable with better provider data

  • Improve confidentiality of patient information by eliminating misdirected communications due to poor provider data

  • Be protected from working with sanctioned providers, lowering compliance issues and fines

  • Increase productivity of +80 staff members

  • Complement existing EMR, credentialing and other systems

Phynd serves as the information hub for all “provider information” and securely (ISO 27001-ready) shares mission-critical provider data across a health system’s core clinical and financial systems, including their EHR system. As health systems grow, their provider data will be immediately accessible and usable within new facilities and partnerships, helping them remain ahead of the data curve.

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