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The Impact of Inaccurate Provider Data on the Shift to Value-Based Care

By Adrian Sanabria-Diaz | August 23, 2016

Whether for consumers, providers or call centers, finding the right healthcare provider the first time requires more than access to an easy to use and secure search tool. It requires accurate data about all relevant providers to exist within the systems that are integrated to the search application. For this to occur, clinical and back office systems, as well as public and private websites must be integrated to a reliable and consistent source of accurate healthcare provider data.

Accurate data is a core requirement for effective provider search tools but most healthcare applications do not enable the maintenance and verification of healthcare provider data. As a result, provider data rapidly ages, causing billing delays, impacting transitions of care, and requiring staff to duplicate efforts and manually correct information. All of these consequences increase costs and distract from efforts to improve the quality of healthcare.

Unfortunately, there is typically no way to identify inaccurate provider data until a breakdown in clinical workflow or business processes occurs. Such interruptions can impact the value of the enterprise IT investments intended to support the clinical, operational, marketing and strategic needs of organizations striving to succeed in the shift to value-based care.

Tell us how your value-based, provider search goals have been impacted by inaccurate healthcare provider data.

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