• Rebecca Jones

Supporting Health System’s Response to COVID-19

DALLAS, TX, April 9, 2020 – As COVID-19 continues to affect communities across the globe, health systems have become the unsurprising heroes. Their teams’ efforts – along with all first responders – have been unstinting in the face of potential infection and serious illness. In urban areas, EDs and ICUs are operating in some cases at double or triple capacity.

As health systems are pushed to the limit – in many cases, furloughing non-essential staff while waiting for federal support to arrive, and eventually some sense of ‘business as usual’ -- Phynd is heartened that clients continue to move forward with deployment (if in implementation) and greater use and expansion of the system (if live).

A conversation with the leadership of one health system highlighted that Phynd is a strategic platform both for the present crisis and the post-quarantine future.

Optimizing Health Care Strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Phynd was selected as the Provider Data Platform of choice to support their initiative to improve health system-wide provider data integrity, which they observed was severely impacting overall patient access.

Leadership believes that when the worst of the crisis has passed in their region, the pent-up demand for resuming routine primary care visits, as well as elective surgery, specialty visits, and other care will overwhelm their patient access, care coordination, referral and other teams.

Hence, having their instance of the Phynd platform live, with fully-populated profiles for all providers, will allow them to more efficiently handle greater-than-average demand.

They are moving full-speed-ahead to hit their Phynd go-live target.

How Health Systems Are Managing Provider Data to Fight COVID-19

Phynd has also proven valuable for health systems in the current crisis. Below are several use cases which highlight how Phynd is supportive:

1. Health systems may struggle to enroll temporary new provider data into clinical systems. Providers can be searched in Phynd’s National Provider Enrollment and enrolled into their Phynd instance. Once their provider profile has been populated with appropriate data, these providers can be enrolled into their EHR and other mission critical systems.

2. Patients and providers are turning to telehealth in droves. In response, Phynd clients can identify and track all providers who participate in telemedicine programs. Non at-risk patients will be able to easily find and receive health care over the internet and providers avoid unnecessary person-to-person contact.

3. An unfortunate side effect of the coronavirus is the high rate of infection among healthcare providers in some regions. The Phynd Provider Data Platform allows clients to create custom fields to confidentially track which providers are sick, when they were diagnosed, and when they believe they can re-enter the workforce.

4. The lines between specialties have begun to blur as an all hands-on deck approached has been enacted to treat coronavirus patients. The ability to reassign providers to specific care groupings that comprise all providers offering COVID-19 care to both patient facing sites and internal provider search directories emphasizes another use case in which Phynd clients are finding increased value in the platform.

A Post COVID-19 World

As our client noted above…we will get through this crisis. This pandemic will eventually subside, and when it does, patients who have delayed surgeries, check-ups, and visits for innumerable chronic aches, pains and other conditions will be rushing to schedule those appointments. These inevitable consumer demands highlight the need of a high-quality consumer facing digital front door, that allows patients to find the right provider and book and appointment online with the right, convenient, available provider that takes their health plan…either in person or via telemedicine.

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