Support COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts with Provider Data Platform

DALLAS, TX, January 6, 2021 This past year has been difficult for all provider organizations in navigating through the global pandemic, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. As the healthcare industry embarks on the largest vaccination effort ever conducted, technology will play an essential role in successful and efficient COVID-19 vaccine distribution across the country.

For provider organizations, keeping track of individual provider vaccination status is critical to ensure that caregivers are safe and that adequate staffing levels can be maintained in the face of growing COVID-19 patient volume.

In this blog, we compiled the most common examples of how Phynd supports our clients COVID-19 response efforts, quickly enhancing current vaccine management systems or starting a new one:

Track Workforce Vaccinations and Display Provider Immunization Status

How: Utilize Tags and Tag Types, built-in features found in Profile Management and Location Management modules, included in the base platform. Tags and Tag Types fields are immediately available to the Provider Search API, Outreach Tool, and Search Report.

This feature can be set up in minutes by admin teams, controlled with security and governance terms provided with the profile.

Streamline Reporting

How: Utilize the Provider Outreach Tool to streamline outreach campaigns for Providers and/or their delegates to self-report their vaccinations or add vaccination efforts to worklists.

Create custom, dynamic reports to feed analytics and forecasting tools to track vaccination progress across departments and locations.

Help your Patients to Find the Right Providers and Locations

How: Enable smart search by creating COVID-19 vaccine clinical terms in the appropriate service lines/service groups and auto-associate it with providers or locations, making them available via search in moments.

Additionally, Provider Schedule Advisor takes complex scheduling data and presents a simple and intuitive patient experience, with options to search on COVID-19 vaccination specific visit types.

Provider Profile Tags and Phynd Search API offer a powerful way to publish accurate, up-to-date provider profile information to multiple web properties for consumer or patient access teams without compromising website's performance. This capability links relevant provider profiles information with content management systems, push real-time provider or location updates all from a single Phynd instance.

Roll Out Dedicated Support Solutions

How: Utilize quick to deploy microsites for additional vaccine management and distribution solutions, and continually adapt them as CDC guidelines evolve.

For example, one of our clients urgently needed to direct patient flow to 12 mobile testing sites spread across the state and change locations daily. Utilizing Provider Search API and Web App features, Phynd was able to deploy fully functioning consumer sites in a matter of hours, featuring smart geo- attribution search, consumer-friendly taxonomy, chatbot integration, and more.

Using the same underlying approach and capabilities, health systems can quickly deploy solutions to direct temporary patient traffic surge to satellite clinics or off-site mobile facilities to help handle vaccine distribution more effectively.

Our team of solution architects can help to determine what is the best strategy for your health system.