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Shining a light on physician data across the enterprise

By Will Baker | January 13, 2016

While most healthcare organizations know their important provider data is located somewhere within their IT infrastructure, they don’t always know the specific location of the information silo where the data resides. It is extremely important for a healthcare organization to not only be able to identify, but also curate and manage their provider data.

A seemingly simple change to a provider’s address can impact literally millions of data fields stored in hundreds of thousands of information silos across a healthcare organization’s technology infrastructure. A minor change to a provider’s billing address, mailing address, communication preferences, Direct Addresses, licensing, internal identity management, exclusionary lists and contracting information can have an enormous effect on a healthcare organization’s:

  • Referral management

  • Care coordination

  • Delivery of critical medical orders

  • Billing and revenue cycle

  • Risk management compliance

What is needed is a technology solution to handle this almost impossible task of verifying and managing provider data.

Phynd Technologies offers a Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform that enables hospitals to manage, view and synchronize important provider information across all their IT systems delivering a verified, single, unified profile. Phynd’s UPM offers an accurate, single source of truth for provider information that can be shared – enterprise-wide --with anyone who needs it, regardless of where the data is stored.

The UPM platform, which can be integrated with all IT systems, including: Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and many others, offers a real return on investment with savings in labor costs, increased opportunities for physician marketing, improved revenue cycle and accurate physician information that facilitates care transitions and collaboration across the care continuum.

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