Search Health IT - CRM in healthcare: A look inside its muddled world

When Susan Taylor, vice president at patient engagement platform provider Pegasystems, starts to despair at the slow pace of CRM in healthcare, she tries to keep one thing in mind: "It took Amazon 20 years to help me buy a dress," she said. And she might have something there -- by some estimates a 20-year journey to CRM in healthcare may not be that far off the mark.

At a time when consumers want more control over their health and are increasingly willing to shop around for care, how providers approach patient relationship management (what many call healthcare CRM) has never been more critical. But while a myriad of technical solutions exist, implementation is far from straightforward, and the challenges of defining the space and blasting through the back-end silos of information are immense. There is little agreement on a name or even a concrete definition of what CRM in healthcare should include. Not surprisingly, it can be a lot for providers to wrap their heads around.

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