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Providing Value while Building the Client Relationship

By Jarod Olds | June 1, 2016

As hospitals and health systems around the country are coming to realize the benefits of using the Phynd Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform, I’d like to take a moment to highlight a very important member of the Phynd team, the Client Success Managers, or CSM’s for short.

Their roles and responsibilities are many, but their main goal is to provide value to the client. They start out as the go-to resource for a hospital to communicate with during implementation defining what systems are to be integrated and mapped with the Phynd UPM Platform. Throughout the relationship, the CSM aims to align the customer challenges and goals with the wide-ranging capabilities of the Phynd system. Because the CSM is the primary point of contact between the Phynd family and our growing client base, they take their job of meeting the needs of the customer very seriously.

One important way they do this is through the Phynd Academy. The Phynd Academy has hundreds of articles, training resources and in-depth videos explaining every step of the implementation process as well as answers to common questions and use-case scenarios for clients. We want to make it easy for clients to go out and find the answer they need in real-time and empower them to most effectively use the Phynd UPM Platform.

We’ll explore more of the Phynd Academy and its many helpful features in a later blog. In the meantime, know that the team of CSM’s at Phynd are working continuously to serve and promote the successful implementation and on-going use of the platform to meet the client’s goals. We at Phynd want to truly delight our diverse and growing client base – enjoy this 1st day of June!

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