Provider Data Silos and Your Health System: What You Need to Know

By Keith Belton | July 25, 2018

“We had no single owner or team responsible for maintaining provider information. Multiple Epic analysts and support staff members were updating the SER records from disparate locations across the health network. Information was also being added from multiple external directories, exacerbating the problem by creating incorrect and duplicate records.” – Health System in the Mid-West

In the past, we have covered the impact that poor provider information management quality can have on key health system processes. Marketing, Patient Access, Network Management, Care Coordination, Revenue Cycle, and Risk Management are all impacted by the quality of provider information, to name a few.

Often times, we have found that each of the teams supporting these processes will be tracking bits and pieces of the same information…or in, some cases, have massively duplicative ongoing efforts attempting to track the same provider details in separate data silos.

Inconsistency of data across departments has been a reoccurring theme highlighted by our clients. They cite data management issues arising rise for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of complete provider information management in EHRs due to an EHR’s patient-centric data design (Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, GE Centricity, Epic and others).

  • Provider data – particularly for referring providers – “in Epic’s Schedulable Epic Resource (SER) records become inaccurate due to numerous staff updating or creating records without validation of data.”

  • Lack of a single owner of provider information quality across a health system.

  • “Provider data stored across many non-integrated departmental silos…including their …credentialing system and individual departmental databases.”

We’ve found even when there has been a concerted effort to consolidate and blend provider details from different information keepers, without a system built on a robust provider data model, it takes significant recurring resource investments to bring that information together and build and curate truly complete and accurate provider profiles.

Phynd is an enterprise solution for provider information management Health Systems which rely on Phynd truly harmonize all of their different provider data sources to form complete provider profiles, sharable across systems.

But don’t take our word for it! Read this informative case study. Learn how the Kettering Health Network has truly mastered provider information management, letting Phynd dissolve data siloes and improve provider data quality in Epic and other mission-critical systems.

Phynd Case Study

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