• Rebecca Jones

Preparing for The Future: Your Virtual Health Strategy

DALLAS, TX – Virtual health has exploded onto the healthcare industry scene. While it had been on many people’s radar for quite some time, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has capitulated it to the front of nearly every health systems’ strategy.

A recent article titled “Looking Ahead – Virtual Health Transforming Care Delivery” published by TripleTree, dives into this new world. While they argue that Value-Based Care will remain the long-term goal for an improved healthcare delivery system, they discuss three primary areas in which immediate opportunity exists to “reshape care delivery and create a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system.”

They argue that these three primary areas can be categorized as “Clinically-Oriented Digital Front Door™,” “Customizing Care Delivery” and “Home-based Patient Monitoring and Engagement.” Via the combination of intelligent and innovative technologies and a commitment to the primary areas of opportunity, health care organizations can positively impact the future of care delivery and patient access.

Optimizing Your Digital Front Door

What is a digital front door? A digital front door is the first interaction that patients have with a health system, preceding any clinical encounters, and should offer a seamless and engaging digital patient experience that directs patients to the right provider at the right time. Needless to say, the digital front door is a critical element. But what goes into it? The article above, states one key underpinning necessary to build a successful digital front door: an enterprise-wide provider data management system.

Enterprise-wide Provider Data Management System is the foundational element for a successful digital front door and as the world turns to remote, it’s never been more critical.

“Many health systems lack visibility into who their providers are, what they do, the types of conditions and patients they are best equipped to treat, and their availability. An enterprise-wide provider data management solution provides visibility into these items and therefore is the foundation of an end-to-end Digital Front Door™ strategy.”

Customize How You Deliver Patient Care

In addition to a digital front door, a there should also be a focus on establishing virtual health as a permanent care delivery method, in unison with more traditional modes, to help sustain long-term financial viability. A key underpinning to launching virtual health as a permanent care offering is EHR integration and interoperability.

EHR integration and interoperability will continue to become increasingly important, even more so to enable widespread telemedicine adoption. As telemedicine grows, there will be a need to implement tools that “integrate with the provider’s EHR system for streamlined scheduling, documentation, and billing purposes” enabling better care coordination, ensuring quality care and patient satisfaction, and achieving interoperability compliance.

Virtual Patient Monitoring and Engagement

Finally, there is an opportunity to improve methods of virtual patient monitoring and engagement that can both improve the patient experience and reduce readmissions. Reasoning behind improving virtual monitoring is not just limited to the increasing demand of virtual health brought on by COVID-19, but is also supported by an “aging population, a rise in chronic conditions, increasing focus on addressing social determinants of health, and positive reimbursement developments by CMS and commercial payers.”

This recent boom in virtual health will only continue expand, while simultaneously ushering in a much-needed revamp of the healthcare industry. Those that embrace virtual health, commit to improving their patients’ access to it, and their methods of delivering it, will be better prepared for future success, in the form of patient satisfaction, costs and much more.

To delve deeper into the three primary areas of immediate opportunity that can help your health system transform access to care and boost your operational efficiency, read the full article by TripleTree titled “Looking Ahead – Virtual Health Transforming Care Delivery.”

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