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Phynd Technologies Releases Major Software Upgrade

By Blake Marable | November 29, 2016

Phynd Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the release of Phynd v2.0, the next step in the evolution of provider data management and Phynd’s Unified Provider Management (UPM) software platform. Phynd is leading the charge to simplify provider data management and simplify workflows involving provider data.

Phynd 2.0 will enhance an organizations ability to improve their financial results, clinical outcomes, staff productivity and regulatory compliance by ensuring more accurate and complete provider data. Phynd 2.0 includes the following:

  • Version 2.0 Phynd users will be able to drive ROI on rev cycle, clinical performance and marketing with new reports that will enable mining of provider data for compliance issues, sanctions, referral patterns and billing address changes.

  • Data can be previewed and manipulated from the Phynd web user interface (website) using the new Live Report Module, without having to export the data allowing for live manipulation without downloading the data.

  • Enhanced address management capability completes Phynd’s move to address standardization, using USPS standards as supported throughout the product. This will help maintain provider data quality and consistency.

  • Work list enhancements and new workflow tools will save time when reviewing non-compliant addresses to find a compliant and best possible address. Clients can now keep their version of an address, even if Phynd determines that it is non-compliant.

  • A new Confidence Ranking allows Phynd to compare all addresses for a provider and offer our clients only the best possible addresses for that provider. This saves time by further streamlining the workflow related to address management.

In today’s challenging environment healthcare system leaders can no longer afford to deny the critical role of provider data in running their business. They should take a proactive approach to provider data management. The Phynd UPM platform enables health systems to immediately improve care coordination, revenue cycle, billing/ordering, referral management, risk management and marketing. In today’s increasingly integrated, value-based care market, accurate provider data is critical for running an efficient, competitive, and profitable healthcare system.

For more information, read our complete press release here.

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