Phynd CEO Tom White applies ‘lessons learned’ from retail to healthcare’s Digital Transformation

July 1, 2019

The age of Digital Transformation is upon us, and healthcare has finally joined the party. Health systems have realized they must pivot from their inward-facing models and fully embrace the transition to becoming wholly digital organizations. This transformation requires health systems to provide a new kind of journey, one that is customer-centric and meets all the ‘Amazon-like’ expectations of today’s modern consumers. 

Where else have we seen this transition occur? The retail industry comes to mind.

There was a time when the retail customer’s journey meant visiting a real store, shopping in actual (not virtual) aisles, and interacting in-person with store associates. Now, of course, retail customers have moved online, and leading brands like Amazon have disrupted the entire industry by offering an entirely new digital experience.

The healthcare industry needs to follow the example set by retail. In a recent byline article, published May 31 by Internet Health Management, Phynd CEO Tom White examines the digital transformation journey now being undertaken by the healthcare industry. He highlights the opportunity health systems have to facilitate a smooth, convenient consumer experience that is supported by more efficient workflows. Kind of like…retail!

Read this article, and learn Tom’s “lessons learned” from retail that apply to digital healthcare, by clicking here.