Phynd Announces Partnership with MedTouch

Partnership between Phynd and MedTouch Aims Provide Best-in-Class Digital Front Door for Patient-Care Access

New partnership between Phynd Technologies and MedTouch enables health providers to offer one-step search and scheduling capabilities.

DALLAS, TX, October 10, 2019 – Phynd Technologies, Inc., a leading provider information management vendor, announced today a partnership with MedTouch, a leading provider of healthcare strategy, creative, technology, and marketing services, to help health systems provide consumers with convenient and easy access to the precise care they need when they need it. The partnership enables health providers to offer one-step search and in-network doctor their convenience scheduling capabilities. Patients can now find the right in-network doctor for their condition and schedule an appointment at their convenience through the website in a single, seamless action.

Historically, ease and convenience in scheduling appointments have been a challenge for patients and providers alike. An Accenture survey highlighted that 77 percent of patients think that the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online is important. The MedTouch - Phynd combination uniquely delivers easy-to-use provider search and scheduling on a health system’s Find a Doctor website. Consumers benefit from a best-in-class experience, while health systems will see increased on-line appointment volumes and reduced workload for their call centers.

This advanced workflow is made possible by combining MedTouch's almost 15 years of digital strategy, design, and marketing technology experience with Phynd's robust platform that serves as the central hub for all health system providers – their locations, networks, health plans and clinical expertise.

"Today, we see many healthcare providers looking to meet the rising expectations of their consumers seeking an easier way to find and schedule their care," said Paul Griffiths, CEO of MedTouch. "Together, MedTouch and Phynd help health systems unlock their siloed data to ensure that patients have what they need to easily locate the right care at the right time and place for them."

“Phynd and MedTouch are leading health systems through their digital transformation, using an enterprise provider platform, helping health systems evolve from generic, white-labeled websites to modern, dynamic, powerful solutions,” said Tom White, CEO of Phynd. “By digitally engaging consumers, health systems can deliver better care throughout their patients’ journey. Both MedTouch and Phynd have deep expertise in making provider schedules directly accessible in provider search workflows, versus third-party scheduling software that offers out-of-date inventory. The result is an unmatched website experience which drives up domain authority and patient volume while reducing the proportion of patient engagements handled by the call center, so patient access teams can focus on the most complex cases.”

About MedTouch

MedTouch empowers health systems to be on the leading edge of consumer experience by transforming every digital touchpoint along the patient journey. We design, develop, and measure effective digital marketing programs, keeping in mind that every health system has its own unique business goals and marketing challenges. Our proven approach has delivered results for our clients since 2004.

About Phynd Technologies, Inc.

Phynd is a provider information management platform that serves as a central hub for your providers - their locations, networks and health plans. Phynd dynamically serves up your provider information in a personalized web/mobile experience, continuously sharing updates with Find a Doctor websites, EHRs and other systems via an easy-to-deploy, modern Application Program Interface (API). Health systems using Phynd enjoy an improved consumer experience, increased utilization, more efficient registration and scheduling, reduced claim delays and data administration, and more efficient marketing and management of clinical networks.

Phynd clients include Yale New Haven Health System, Duke Health, UNC Health Care, University of Michigan, Orlando Healthcare, Kettering Healthcare, UC Irvine Health, and Houston Methodist. Phynd is an Epic App Orchard member. The Phynd 360 Platform is powered by Amazon Web Services. Learn more at

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