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Managing the “Heart and Soul” of Your Healthcare Delivery System

By Blake Marable | July 13, 2016

What is the “heart and soul” of your healthcare delivery system? We at Phynd believe the answer to this is the physician/provider community. Now days Providers have many tools to help them – the finest facilities and the latest in technologies - but without our physicians’ knowledge and expertise, all of these tools are virtually useless.I find it very perplexing that in today’s healthcare environment, we have multiple tools to help us manage our large healthcare facilities and billions of dollars in technology installed in those facilities, but most healthcare systems have NO technology in place to manage their most critical asset – their provider community! Provider information is the most undermanaged asset in healthcare. We have technology that can tell us where a medical cart is located on the fourth floor, but very often we can’t find a physician’s information to answer a simple billing inquiry.

Phynd provides clients with a Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform that enables healthcare organizations to unify, manage and securely share essential provider information across their core IT systems. It is the single, accurate source for provider information that speeds up billing, optimizes the revenue cycle, streamlines workflow, improves productivity, and enhances care coordination enterprise-wide. By using Phynd, our clients see immediate improvements in numerous areas throughout the hospital. The Phynd UPM is the single platform needed to manage all providers that work with or are connected at any level to a health system.

Don’t let your expensive investments in Healthcare IT go to waste - start managing the information for the “heart and soul” of your healthcare delivery system today!

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