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By Keith Belton | November 30, 2018

Healthcare consumerism and the shift to value-based care – including an explosion in the number and forms of clinical networks – are driving demand for provider information management tools in healthcare. As the sheer volume of healthcare networks continue to expand and evolve, this need will only increase.

Now is a critical moment because healthcare networks depend on a robust and accurate provider data model to operate smoothly. Provider data needed includes where they practice, their clinical focus, their office locations, and how they get paid, including tiering and while adhering to Stark laws. Despite its central importance, provider data management has been overlooked to the point that most networks are managed in simple Excel files. The growth of value-based care has driven a growing realization among healthcare leaders: disconnects in their provider data can sink their networks’ clinical effectiveness and financial projections.

A new era: provider data takes the stage next to patient data

Healthcare networks have invested tens or hundreds of millions (and in the case of some health systems, billions) of dollars to have strong patient data management infrastructure for their patients’ journeys. Epic, Cerner and others reliably deliver EHR applications to help manage a patient’s care journey. These systems have a robust patient data management model which supports patient enrollment, management, search (both for the patient and for patient history, records or test results) and reporting...

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About Phynd Technologies, Inc.

The Phynd 360° Provider Platform is a strategic enterprise platform managing all operational provider data: who the providers are, where they work, what they do, and what networks they serve. Phynd powers your core processes with robust provider data via easy-to-use provider enrollment, management, reporting and search workflows. Phynd integrates with EHR, credential management, patient-facing websites, and other systems which depend on intelligently searchable provider data. Phynd is used by more than 250 hospitals and is an Epic App Orchard partner. It shares a technology partnership with Healthwise, a leading provider of clinical content. Learn more at

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