• Rebecca Jones

How A Provider Data Platform can Unleash the Power of your EHR

DALLAS, TX, March 20, 2020 – A few weeks ago, we discussed the current state of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and how to transform your EHR from a cost center to a revenue generator.

To recap: The deployment of an EHR was a necessary, yet extremely costly investment for health systems. Such a large investment ought to yield equally large returns, right? Well, it can…. But only if you bring your EHR into the digital world. As your consumers flock to the internet to absorb digital capabilities, you must meet them there…with your EHR in hand. This means…it’s about time your EHR joined forces with a Provider Data Platform.

Provider Data: A Critical Asset We All Undermanage (and need to begin managing)

As healthcare continues to become increasingly consumer driven, a cornerstone to your hospital or health system’s ability to gain market share is serving up accurate, consumer-centric provider data that helps patients find the right providers. Never has it been more important than now – in the face of consumers needing to stay at home and get access to providers who offer telehealth and other methods – that matches are easier for consumers.

Provider data – which includes people, places and services – is the linchpin of the health care industry. All necessary processes on which a health system relies begin with provider data. Incomplete or inaccurate data hurts your bottom line and, more importantly, interferes with care coordination. Therefore, your consumer-facing and operations teams should put your provider data first, and in doing so you will see that your provider data requires being curated by a purpose-built provider data platform.

Net, net – health systems have substantially invested in patient-centric systems. Your providers are your assets. We recommend investing in a platform to manage them.

Provider Data Platform…What is it?

A provider data platform should serve as the single, central hub for all your provider data. This single, scalable hub should enable curation of high-quality provider data and provide profiles, that can be shared across the enterprise and to patient facing sites, in real-time.

Your Provider Data Platform: Key Requirements

Enabling data curation is key. You need the best data available and putting the power to manage that data into hundreds or thousands of staff hands – crowdsourcing data curation, in effect – is a best practice. Collaboration between teams to curate data allows departments across the hospital to collectively leverage better provide data.

Real-time provider data updates. Via an integration between your EHR and provider data platform, real-time data updates must be feed to all departments that depend on it. Your existing workflows such as EHR, marketing and claims will be optimized as they are continuously feed with up-to-date and accurate provider data.

Scalable. The platform should grow with you. As value-based care continues its conquest of the health care industry, you need a platform that can expand to meet your needs. Managing provider data for health plans, ACO’s and other networks, via the ability to assign providers to multiple networks, assign specialties based on locations, or availability is incredibly important.

Freedom to edit your own data. Your data is your data. You should have the authority to make changes in-house and see those changes reflected in internal sites, patient facing sites and other mission critical systems, in real-time. Incredibly, some data platforms either charge or prevent your users from making changes to your data – and it’s 2020! The power to modify data in the moment allows for continuous curation, promises better quality data and removes the need to contact your vendor, which delays all processes and costs you money.

How can a Provider Data Platform Optimize your EHR?

By exposing accurate provider data, in real-time, to consumer facing sites, whether that may be a website or a mobile application.

Consumers are hungry for digital health care experiences that are reminiscent of their experiences in digital retail shopping. Search, find and book the perfect service seamlessly and in minutes. A provider data platform can be the missing and final link in achieving that patient experience process in healthcare.

Complete, accurate and reliable provider data, via a provider data platform will give your consumers the ability to search for and find their provider – that’s qualified, has good reviews, takes their health plan, is convenient, and has availability, online. In minutes they can book an appointment online and be assured that it is a perfect patient-provider match.

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