Health IT Outcomes: Provider Information Gaps Threaten Success Of New Narrow Networks

Driven by major U.S. employers seeking lower employee healthcare cost without sacrificing care quality, these new narrow networks offer great promise. This promise is threatened, however, by challenges relating to provider information. Indeed, the absence of an established technology platform that delivers accurate, up-to-date information about the providers within these narrow networks could undermine this nascent value-based approach before it gets off the ground. Whether the problems stem from administrative inefficiencies, payment delays, gaps in network coverage and adequacy, reduced in-network referrals and utilization, or potential loss of market share, new narrow networks must address the provider information challenge to ensure success.

The Rise Of The Narrow Network

Narrow networks go a step beyond HMOs and tiered networks, and limit networks to only providers and hospitals that agree to meet specific quality requirements. Restricting patients to a smaller group of providers and hospitals allows payors to negotiate lower prices with providers and hospitals. They also can incentivize patients to use providers in an accountable care organization (ACO) or similar grouping that’s dedicated to care coordination, improved quality, and controlling costs.....

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