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eBook Blog: Accurate Provider Information is Essential for Operational Efficiency

By Adrian Sanabria-Diaz | October 28, 2015

Having the right provider information at your fingertips—when you need it—is essential to improve both your operational and financial performance, as well as your patient care delivery.

With Phynd Technologies Unified Provider Management (UPM) Platform, your hospital will have the ability to manage your provider profiles (referring and credentialed physicians, nurses, and mid-levels) across all of your core IT financial, operational and clinical systems. UPM allows you to unify, manage and share a single, verified, custom profile on each of your providers, regardless of where that data exists in your multiple, legacy IT systems.

We have created a new 45-page e-Book that explains the benefits and ROI of using an enterprise-wide unified provider management platform. Click here to download the complimentary e-Book and discover how a single, accurate source for provider information can speed your billing, optimize the revenue cycle, streamline workflows, , improve productivity, and enhance your care coordination across the enterprise.

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