Do you know where your provider data is — and is it safe?

By Taylor Ryan | February 26, 2016

The recent hacking of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center’s EHR system in California shines a spotlight on the importance of knowing where your provider data is -- and is it secure where it resides. Hackers were apparently able to get into the medical center’s IT infrastructure and paralyze user’s ability to access or use any part of the EHR system. After just a short period of time, the medical center paid the ransom demanded by the hackers.

Phynd Technologies’ Unified Provider Management (UPM) platform enables hospitals and health systems to securely manage, view and share important provider information across all their IT systems delivering a verified, single, unified profile. Phynd’s UPM offers an accurate, single source of truth for provider information that can be securely shared – enterprise-wide -- with anyone who needs it, regardless of where the data is stored.

Our UPM allows healthcare organizations to implement custom work-flow solutions based on their unique IT topology, security and data requirements by leveraging Phynd's secure, cloud-based architecture. Our single sign-on and secure connectivity helps hospitals and health systems securely manage and share their provider data across the healthcare delivery process.

Using Phynd’s secure UPM platform, provider profiles are verified and the very latest, accurate information on providers is securely sent in real time to all IT systems, providing a single source of truth, that can be shared, based on permissions, across the entire hospital or health system and is securely available through all internal IT systems and Phynd’s secure private portal –