DallasInnovates: Phynd Technologies adds $4M in VC funding round

By Keith Belton | October 25, 2018

Phynd Technologies adds $4M in VC funding round

Dallas-based health-care information SaaS solution provider Phynd Technologies Inc. announced that it raised $4 million in an October venture funding round, bringing its total to $7.3 million over find rounds beginning in 2013.

Founded in 2013 by Thomas White, Phynd offers health systems a solution of SaaS applications and services that gathers, manages, and shares provider data, according to Crunchbase. Across the nation, 140 hospitals managing 500,000 patients use the company’s Enterprise Provider Data Management solution, according to Phynd.

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About Phynd Technologies, Inc.

The Phynd 360° Provider Platform is a strategic enterprise platform managing all operational provider data: who the providers are, where they work, what they do, and what networks they serve. Phynd powers your core processes with robust provider data via easy-to-use provider enrollment, management, reporting and search workflows. Phynd integrates with EHR, credential management, patient-facing websites, and other systems which depend on intelligently searchable provider data. Phynd is used by more than 250 hospitals and is an Epic App Orchard partner. It shares a technology partnership with Healthwise, a leading provider of clinical content. Learn more at www.phynd.com.