Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance ACO Recognized as One of the Nation’s Best

DALLAS, TX, February 18, 2020 – Phynd recognizes Baylor Scott & White Health and their ACO, Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance (BSWQA), on being cited as one of the nation’s most successful accountable care models, according to data released by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Baylor has spent the last decade focused on improving the quality of care their patients receive while reducing costs. Its efforts have clearly paid off as Baylor’s ACO has bent the growth cost curve downward – in contrast to overall health plan premiums, which continue to outpace inflation – even while member participation has increased nearly 20-fold.

Baylor first rolled out an ACO several years ago, covering their 46,000 employees, and now they look to expand to an impressive 815,000 members this year, with three-quarters of them in the commercial sector. As publicly reported in July, 2019, Baylor has partnered with American Airlines to offer Connected Care, a unique care plan offered through BSWQA. Not only has BSWQA grown in size, they have broken even the past three years, in contrast to most ACOs, who often lose money in the early years.

Value-based care is usually delivered in the form of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). ACOs are narrow networks, and as the name implies, they are selective in choosing which providers participate. ACOs serve to provide high-quality, coordinated care to the patients of the network. Success is measured by the ability to provide appropriate care, at the right time, and avoid duplication or unnecessary services, while keeping patients in network. Providers that participate are often incentivized to improve quality of care while reducing spending.

An integral part behind the success of any narrow network, is high-quality, reliable provider data, ensuring that patients are matched to the right provider, who participates in network, that has the skills and is convenient and available. These requirements make a provider data management platform is a must.

Phynd 360 is deployed as a provider data platform to support Baylor’s ACO and narrow network initiatives. Phynd helps ensure that provider data – people, places, services – are up to date. Baylor relies on the Phynd platform for maintaining provider profiles, including roster and location management, as well as provider reporting.

Phynd serves as a central hub for all provider data, and enables optimization of EHR, Marketing and Claims systems via platform tools for provider enrollment, management, outreach and search across the enterprise.

Phynd supports another nationally recognized Medicare ACO as well. A separate ACO model, Southwestern Health Resources, a joint partnership between UT Southwestern Medical Center and Texas Health Resources, has been ranked number one in the U.S for Medicare savings for a second straight year. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into SWHR’s ACO success next week.

For more information behind Baylor’s growth story, The Dallas Morning News’ recent article “Baylor’s Health Plan Worked for Employees, and American Airlines and Others Want in On The Action” provides a great resource.

Once again, congratulations to Baylor and the Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance!

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