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Accurate Provider Data Is the Foundation for Good Referral Management

By Peter White | November 18, 2015

Referral management is becoming an increasingly important factor in the delivery of effective healthcare. Physicians encounter patients almost every day that require special treatment beyond their medical specialty. The success of a medical group or a hospital depends on good referral management in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. By optimizing referral management, healthcare providers can increase their overall efficiency, as well as prevent patient “leakage” from their medical group, hospital or health system.

Good referral management is also important in reducing readmissions. Getting patients to the right medical specialist in an optimum time frame will ensure better, long-range outcomes and prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions downstream.

Referral management beyond the capabilities of most electronic medical record (EMR) systems can also aid in chronic disease management where patients need a multi-specialty approach to provide holistic care.

The foundation upon which good referral management rests is accurate provider data. In order to refer patients to the right medical specialist, a single, accurate source of information is needed for contacting these specialists. With this single source of truth for provider data, good referral management can be accomplished, and the best physician who can optimize treatment for the patient’s specific condition can be quickly identified and contacted.

A unified provider management platform allows healthcare organizations to unify, manage and share a single verified, custom profile on each of their physicians, regardless of where that data exists in their multiple legacy IT systems.

A single, accurate, source for provider information can optimize the referral management process and improve patient care coordination across the continuum to produce the best medical outcomes possible. To learn how you can improve your referral management, email us at

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