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A Rising Star Is Born

By Adrian Sanabria-Diaz | October 20, 2015

There is a new star rising in the healthcare information technology sky and that star is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This new star is responsible for safeguarding healthcare organizations' most valued asset: information.

Is it any wonder healthcare organizations have recognized the need for this critical function to protect their important clinical and financial data from the relentless threats of external attacks and internal missteps?

The news is filled daily with sobering stories like the following where the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services slapped Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian with a record $4.8 million HIPAA settlement after patient data wound up on Google. And, who can forget the attack on health plans Anthem and Premera Blue Cross, compromising the health data of 79 million and 11 million people, respectively. Cyber crooks have also swiped the data of 4.5 million patients at UCLA Health System, and the list just goes on.

These cyber threat and attacks call for strong leaders who can protect a healthcare organization’s valuable data. A 2015 HIMSS cybersecurity survey showed that more than half of the respondents have already hired a full-time employee to manage information security. And 87 percent indicated that information security has become a more significant priority during the past dozen months.

The survey also determined that the job demands of a CISO will require a diverse skill set. Not only will they have to be concerned about IT security, but they will also be responsible for developing organizational policy, handling remediation and notification of breaches, interacting with government compliance authorities as well as third-parties responsible for securing information.

Phynd Technologies salutes these new rising healthcare stars and is glad to aid them in their mission by offering a secure technology platform that allows healthcare organizations to unify, manage and share a single verified, custom profile on each of their providers, regardless of where that data exists in their multiple legacy IT systems.

Our secure, accurate, source for provider information streamlines workflow, improves productivity, speeds billing, optimizes the revenue cycle and enhances care coordination enterprise-wide. Phynd’s secure provider data is just one less thing our CISO stars have to worry about!

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