Phynd Application

Manage all providers – who they are, where they work, what they do, what health plans and networks they serve.

What’s Phynd?

An easy-to-use platform which curates all provider information – employed, referring and affiliated.

We enroll, manage, search, and report on these providers.

We maintain high quality provider information for your:

  • EHRs (Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts)
  • Find a Doctor websites
  • Patient access, scheduling and registration systems

We help you transition to consumerism and value-based care, as well as achieving operational excellence.

Phynd Application

Happier Patients

  • ‘Find a doctor’ web search using consumer friendly terms
  • Provider information indexed for fast, accurate search
  • Provider information on websites always up to date

Happier staff

  • Provider profiles always up-to-date
  • Eliminate spreadsheet use
  • Continuous provider outreach
  • One-touch roster reporting
  • Eliminate fax errors

Happier providers

  • Increase new patient visits
  • Utilize excess provider inventory
  • Improved care coordination
  • Provider info on websites always accurate

Phynd Platform

  • Your unique and separate Phynd instance with secure integration channels to your core systems
  • Phynd National Provider Directory: Our proprietary database containing more than 4 million basic profiles of ready-to-enroll licensed US healthcare providers
  • Clinical Expertise Library: A comprehensive taxonomy library representing the hierarchy of service lines, service groups, clinical terms (e.g., symptom, condition, treatment, procedure, diagnosis), and associated consumer-friendly terms
  • ISO 27001-ready: A secure platform that hosts your consolidated provider profiles

Professional Services

  • Implementation Services: EHR and credentialing specialists integrate the Phynd Platform with your clinical systems
  • Account Management Services: Your single point of contact who communicates upcoming product releases and drives adoption and usage through training and best practices

Search API

  • A standard interface: Supports the capture of provider search criteria and returns matching provider profiles
  • Flexibility: Shares provider information to support website searches and other applications

Provider Verification Services

  • Supplemental staff: Supports your staff to improve the quality of your provider information
  • Provider information specialists: Our US-based virtual call center verifies and updates provider contact data for your specified list of referring providers
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