Network Management
Grow market share by efficiently managing your providers’ ACO, CIN,
“narrow network” and other health system affiliations

Stay ahead of providers’ constantly-changing health plan affiliations

You’re the head of network management. You manage relationships with provider organizations to maximize revenue and market share. You might as well be herding cats.

Managing which providers participate in which ACOs, “narrow networks” and other ‘network’ affiliations can be challenging. Providers seem to join and leave these networks daily. The spreadsheet your team uses to track memberships looks like swiss cheese.

Phynd is a solution to manage and curate provider participation in these networks. It's provider outreach campaign tools ensure that provider staff keep affiliations up to date in Phynd. Now your entire health system can benefit from up-to-date health plan data.

With Phynd, you’re no longer herding cats.

Safeguard your provider network by reinforcing your provider relationships

Your health system faces increased competitive pressure, consumerization, reduced subsidies, eroding reimbursements, and growing risk-based contracts. 

Piece of cake, right? What will ensure your health system’s health in this time of churn… is an engaged referral network.

Phynd serves up complete and accurate subspecialty, location, health plan affiliation and other critical data, so primary care providers send referrals into your health system’s waiting (and loving) arms.

And Phynd’s powerful service line management tool gives you a complete view of your specialty and subspecialty coverage… to focus your recruiting efforts.

Now you’ll know whether you need pediatric endocrinologists or geriatric nephrologists. Get better coverage. Win the regional referral battle. With Phynd.

Poor provider information causes...

  • Delays in claims submissions
  • Increase in discharged not final billed (DNFB) and receivables
  • Increased cost and effort to add referring providers

Phynd benefits include...

  • Eliminated billing errors
  • Reduced receivables, improved cash flow
  • Near-zero time to add referring providers

Learn how Phynd can help your team manage relationships with provider organizations.

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