Network Management
Grow market share by efficiently managing your providers’ ACO, CIN,
“narrow network” and other health system affiliations

Ditch your spreadsheets.  

Your clinical network is a bet-your-business strategy.

So why are you managing networks using…spreadsheets

Phynd helps you efficiently manage and report your CIN / ACO rosters.

Ditch the network spreadsheets!

Manage your CINs…with Phynd.

Grow a healthier provider network

Wouldn’t life be great if finding 10 urologists was a snap?

It is with Phynd.

Search our National Provider Network by county or specialty.

Add them with a single click.

Send them regular emails so they know you love them.

You’re networks are happier and healthier…with Phynd.


Poor provider information causes...

  • Delays in claims submissions
  • Increase in discharged not final billed (DNFB) and receivables
  • Increased cost and effort to add referring providers

Phynd benefits include...

  • Eliminated billing errors
  • Reduced receivables, improved cash flow
  • Near-zero time to add referring providers

Learn how Phynd can help your team manage relationships with provider organizations.

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