National Provider Network

Search for and enroll new providers using Phynd’s nationwide directory of 4.3 million providers

Give your enterprise access to all providers in the country

We maintain 4.3 million pre-built, curated provider profiles

These profiles contain state medical license, NPI number and other information regularly updated by CMS, NPPES, DEA, ABMS and OIG data sources.

Our national provider network also continuously updates all your enrolled provider profiles with any new or changed information.

Real-time provider enrollment from Phynd's National Network eliminates a highly repetitive, labor intensive and error prone process

The Benefits

  • Speed up registration and scheduling patients
  • Eliminate manual searches in NPI and other registries
  • Providers added real-time to EHR and other systems
  • Eliminate ticketing process for provider profile creation

Search for and enroll new providers in a single step.

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