Power your Find a Doc website with high-quality provider information specialty, sub-specialty,
clinical search terms and location to drive up your in-network referrals and increase utilization.

Frustrated patients will become…someone else’s patient

You’re updating your Find a doctor website. Great strategy! But unless your provider data is accurate, patient experience will suffer. Provider information constantly churns:

  • Over 25% of providers change address or contact information annually
  • 30% change their hospital or practice-group affiliations every year
  • 75% change or renew participation annually in health plans, ACOs CINs and other affiliations.

Your website must have high quality information on every provider – their specialty, subspecialty, location, health plan affiliations, and patient-friendly search terms – for a successful digital patient strategy. 

How can your digital marketing team maintain accurate thousands of provider profiles?

The answer: Phynd.

Help providers make the right patient referrals

Question: what’s the best way to keep your providers’ referring to their health system or in-network colleagues?

Answer: Give your primary care providers easy access to the most complete, up-to-date source of specialty providers: who they are, where they work, what they do, and what qualifications they have. This high-quality provider information keeps your health system operating efficiently, and connects you to your patients.

Phynd shares providers’ specialty, subspecialty, clinical terms, location and health plan information with Find a Doc websites, EHR and scheduling systems that need this information… and via the Phynd a Doc application. 

Phynd manages and shares a rich set of multimedia information about providers, including photographs, specialty and subspecialties, video bios, links to publications and interactive Google Maps for locations. 

Your Find Doc website deserves to be your provider showcase. It will – powered by Phynd.

Poor provider information causes...

  • Patients scheduled with wrong providers
  • High rate of no-shows
  • Appointments scheduled well into future
  • Poor patient search experience on website

Phynd benefits include...

  • Improved patient-provider matching
  • Reduced patient no-shows
  • Shortened wait time for next appointment
  • Enhanced patient-friendly provider search

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