Power your Find a Doc website with high-quality provider information specialty, sub-specialty,
clinical search terms and location to drive up your in-network referrals and increase utilization.

Better data quality drives better digital marketing.

Q: What really drives growth in

…new appointments?
…market share?

A: Better provider information. 

Plug Phynd into your Find a Doctor website!

Now…you’re a digital marketing god (or goddess).

Phynd: A new way to take your health system to market

Q: What’s the best way to market your health system?

A: Market your providers like they’ve never been before.

Phynd ensures you promote providers’:

  • Specialty and subspecialty
  • Locations 
  • Health plans

…and much, much more.

Your providers are your product. Market them with Phynd!

Poor provider information causes...

  • Patients scheduled with wrong providers
  • High rate of no-shows
  • Appointments scheduled well into future
  • Poor patient search experience on website

Phynd benefits include...

  • Improved patient-provider matching
  • Reduced patient no-shows
  • Shortened wait time for next appointment
  • Enhanced patient-friendly provider search

Learn how Phynd can boost productivity and improve your
Patient Marketing and Provider Search processes.

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