• Provider Data Management

    Bad provider data could be costing your hospital $2,000 per day in delayed billing

  • Provider Data Management

    Inaccurate provider data can impact your organizations compliance risk

  • Provider Data Management

    How much time does your staff waste searching for accurate provider data?

  • Provider Data Management

    Is your online provider search platform effectively serving your referring and patient community?

Most healthcare organizations cannot ensure that critical healthcare provider data remains accurate and securely available to all the IT systems and personnel that use it.

The Phynd Enterprise Provider Data Management (EPDM) solution enables healthcare organizations to improve financial results, clinical outcomes, staff productivity and regulatory compliance by centralizing provider data management. As healthcare organizations pursue value-based care initiatives, the benefits of a merger or acquisition or meaningful use attestation, accurate healthcare provider data is critical to achieving these  clinical and operational goals.

Healthcare provider data changes constantly and must be actively managed. It must also be readily available to all those who use it in their daily activities. The Phynd UPM Platform provides a secure, enterprise-wide system for gathering, managing, and sharing critical data about licensed healthcare providers. 

"Building the solution we have is changing the way YNHH fundamentally manages provider information and therefore improves clinical communications, revenue cycle and referring population management". - Dr. Allen Hsiao, CMIO, Yale New Haven Health

Enterprise healthcare provider data management supports critical initiatives:

  • Population Health: Speed medical staff, physician and healthcare provider onboarding.

  • Value-based Care: Free-up accounts receivables to improve revenue cycle and cash flow.

  • Meaningful Use Compliance: Provide a standards-based, workflow driven and permissioned access platform that can support an organizations unique data governance model.

  • Care Coordination: Ensure accurate provider information is available to facilitate provider search, referral management and appropriate discharge care.

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What is a Unified Approach to Provider Data Management?

Provider Data Management

Provider data impacts all critical functions your organization relies upon every day

Provider Data Impacts all Critical Functions that
Healthcare Organizations Rely Upon Every Day

Provider Data Management

The only Enterprise Provider Data Management (EPDM) solution that
simplifies the management of healthcare provider data.

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