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Eliminate manual data updating and file sharing by high-value staff.

Your EHR team was not hired to be provider data analysts… why do they spend so much time cleaning and updating provider data in your EHR?

You hired your EHR team to finish and maintain a costly, high-visibility EHR implementation. Yet you keep finding them spending hours at a time updating provider information sent from your revenue cycle and patient access teams. Uploading spreadsheets of physician phone and fax numbers for the marketing team. And supporting that homegrown master data management system which no one likes or trusts.

This is not what IT should be spending its time doing.

Free your IT team to focus on … IT

Phynd serves as the single source of provider information across your enterprise that all your department systems can depend on.

It continuously updates provider profiles with information from authoritative federal and state licensing organizations, from your health system’s own departments (not IT), and other sources and synchronizes them with your mission-critical systems. The result? Your highly-skilled EHR resources are now freed up to focus on the real systems work your internal departments need — high-quality provider information maintained in patient marketing, access and revenue cycle systems.

You’re a hero… to both your team and to your internal customers.

Poor provider information causes...

  • High-value resources forced to enter data in EHR/Epic SER/DEP files
  • Manual uploading of provider data in multiple systems
  • Reduced effectiveness of systems dependent on provider information quality

Phynd benefits include...

  • Eliminated need for IT team to do data entry in EHR, other systems
  • Automated information flows to EHRs; IT staff no longer continually uploads data
  • Improved effectiveness of all Phynd-supported systems
  • Refocused resources on mission-critical IT

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