Supporting Our Clients as They Face COVID-19


Phynd is supporting our health system clients as they face the growing challenge of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Key features in Phynd keep patients and providers alike safer.

How Phynd Supports Your COVID-19 Strategy

Your providers are the front lines…and making sure your patients Phynd the right provider, and that you’re keeping your providers informed of news and events, are both critical.  Phynd has capabilities that support these two efforts.  Here’s a few ways we help:

  • Map your providers to appropriate COVID-19 related taxonomy.  This step will ensure that patients who are concerned about their health can search and find providers with the right clinical terms and expertise. Map the new ICD-10 COVID-19 taxonomy to appropriate specialties.   

  • Track which providers are on quarantine the date that each’s quarantine begins and ends, and data related to COVID-19 staff testing as needed.   Use Phynd as a central source to track when providers are inactive to support scheduling and websites using Phynd’s user-defined fields. 

  • Manage provider participation in a COVID-19 critical task force, emergency task force, and infection control teams using the Program Management capabilityKeep track of which providers are participating, key roles, and when each joined.  Identify site-specific representatives to ensure geographic coverage.

  • Highlight providers which support telemedicine and virtual visits.  Phynd lets you set your individual provider types to include support for virtual visits.  This feature is critical for online scheduling for patients who are looking to meet a provider via telemedicine. 

  • Post location-and provider-specific instructions utilizing the provider and location content features.  Manage instructions that are published on your Find a Doctor websites and microsites that can be updated in real-time.

  • Update your location profiles to reflect sites that offer COVID-19 testing.  Include locations where drive-through COVID-19 testing is being offered, creating new sub-locations as needed, with office hours, phone number, and GPS mapping. Update location features to identify the type of testing performed, and which locations have critical equipment such as ventilators.  Make any changes to your location profile, including hours of operation or special parking or building entry instructions, that can be instantly seen by your patients on your website.

  • Keep your providers and staff informed using our provider outreach tool.  Send group-specific emails and communications to highlight new policies or other information.  Ask your providers to update their profiles with COVID-19 related information.

  • Use Phynd’s provider emergency contact information to ensure each of your providers have up to date information listed, including preferred ways to contact (cell phone, pager, text), back-up information, after hours phone, and other information.

 We’re here to help…please call client support at 855-PHYND-ME if you have questions.