From the time they were old enough to know, the White brothers remember how their physician father, a well-known and respected nephrologist in Dallas, was always on the phone. Calls from the hospital. Calls from patients. Calls from other physicians. Morning, noon, and night. It was part of the job.

Fast forward to the year 2000. Tom and his older brother Peter, recalling how essential verbal communication is to physicians and to patient care, zeroed in on the problem of verified communication of critical test results. They found that for some diagnostic physicians, particularly radiologists, delays and failures in communicating critical test results to referring physicians generated the majority of medical malpractice claims.


After the sale of their first company, Newscast, a real-time news provider to Fortune 500 companies, in 1997, Tom and his brother set out to develop a technology-based solution for the verified communication of critical test results. In 2000, they founded Vocada, Inc., based in Dallas.

Three years later, Vocada launched Veriphy, the first technology-based solution for Critical Test Result Management (CTRM). Four years and 125 hospital customers later in 2007, Vocada was acquired by Nuance Communications. Veriphy became part of the Nuance Healthcare division.

During this time, as Tom engaged in conversations with providers and hospital administrators, he encountered the proverbial elephant in the room: health systems have no single trusted source of comprehensive provider information for provider communications and information sharing. Provider information exists only in multiple data silos, which causes problems in the most vital healthcare processes – scheduling, patient access, care coordination, billing and claims, patient marketing, IT, compliance, and provider engagement.

Where most people would see only problems, Tom, a serial entrepreneur, saw a huge opportunity. Thus, in late 2012, with help from a small group of investors, Tom founded Phynd Technologies. Less than a year later, the Phynd solution was introduced, an innovative enterprise-class SaaS-based application supported by a secure cloud platform and a team of professional service experts that securely manages all provider information across a health system.

Phynd serves as the single trusted source for high-quality provider information – who they are, where they work, what they do, and what qualifications they have.

Major company milestones:

2013 -

Phynd is the first company to launch a healthcare provider information management SaaS solution.

2014 -

Yale New Haven Health, 5th largest hospital in the US, launches the Phynd Solution managing more than 50,000 provider profiles, enabling it to accelerate the recognition of $70M in delayed billings.

2015 -

Phynd launches Phynd Verification Services and verifies 40,000 provider profiles during its first year.

2017 -

Phynd launches Phynd a Doc to improve provider and location searches. Duke University Health System is first client to implement.

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