Care Coordination
Optimize care with high-quality provider information.

Improve patient / cash flow through your care continuum

Q: How can you remove breakdowns in patient care and reimbursement?

A: Solve your provider information gaps.

Give teams up-to-date provider views - their NPI, where they practice, health plans they accept, networks they participate in. 

Life gets better.  With Phynd.

Care Coordination Done Right…Every Time

No patient with a thyroid disorder wants to be sent to a diabetes specialist.

Or finds a provider has moved.  And no longer accepts their health plan. 

Power your Find a Doctor website with Phynd.

You’ll Phynd patient sat achieves a new standard.  


Poor provider information causes...

  • Patients scheduled with wrong providers
  • High rate of no-shows
  • Appointments scheduled well into future
  • Poor patient search experience on website

Phynd benefits include...

  • Boosted provider utilization
  • Maximized patient lifetime value
  • Improved scheduling effectiveness
  • Increased provider satisfaction and patient loyalty

Learn how Phynd can boost productivity and improve your Patient Access and Scheduling processes.

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