Care Coordination
Optimize care with high-quality provider information.

Provider information must follow your patients’ care journey

Phynd powers your ADT (Admissions, Discharge and Transfer) process by serving as the single trusted source for high-quality provider information for all your providers.

 Phynd ensures that high-quality provider information follows the patient throughout the care continuum. Referring providers’ information is available at time of patient admissions, to submit accurate claims the first time, and to send test results and discharge instructions to the right location.

After all, your patients’ information should be faxed to the right provider… not the local pizza shop.

Perfect referrals with perfect patient-provider search

Primary care physicians are on the hook to ensure patient satisfaction with every patient referral. One imperfect specialty referral can undo a week’s worth of otherwise perfect referrals.

No patient with a thyroid disorder wants to be matched with an endocrinologist who primarily treats diabetes if a thyroid specialist is available, or referred to an address where the provider no longer practices.

And most “Find A Doc” search sites have primitive – or no – clinical matching abilities. Provider information is unfriendly (e.g., “diplopia”, as opposed to the more common “double vision"), incomplete, or out of date.

The Phynd a Doc application is used by clinicians and call centers alike to match patient condition, location and health plan need. Convenient care is the result…. with Phynd.

Poor provider information causes...

  • Patients scheduled with wrong providers
  • High rate of no-shows
  • Appointments scheduled well into future
  • Poor patient search experience on website

Phynd benefits include...

  • Boosted provider utilization
  • Maximized patient lifetime value
  • Improved scheduling effectiveness
  • Increased provider satisfaction and patient loyalty

Learn how Phynd can boost productivity and improve your Patient Access and Scheduling processes.

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