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Phynd serves as the central, trusted source for high-quality provider information – who they are, where they work, what they do, and what qualifications they have. By creating a dynamic information management system, Phynd allows for health systems and value-based care organizations to curate and apply their provider, location, health plan and network data in real-time.  This capability opens the door to not only saving time and money, but allowing organizations to adapt to an ever-increasing consumer-facing environment.


Launched by Tom White in 2013, Phynd continues to innovate and provide the best provider information management solution available today.

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Phynd Technologies, Inc. provides a platform that allows for a significant reduction in redundant and costly processes, opening the door to an innovative and consumer-facing health care environment.  Current client partnerships have reported instant savings such as reducing the need for call center operations and the potential errors in spreadsheet data management.


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“We have gone live with Phynd because of the depth and breadth of Phynd’s provider and location profiles, as well as its powerful search capability, giving us an enterprise-wide, single source of truth to manage all provider and related information. The bi-directional integration with Epic will ensure that provider, specialty, location, health plan and other information in Epic is always accurate and up-to-date.”

Sri Bharadwaj MS, FCGMA, FHIMSS,


Chief Information Security Officer, UCI Health



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Phynd Technologies, Inc. works with best-in-class industry leaders to bring value to our clients in the service of the healthcare industry and advancing the digital front door. 

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