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Phynd is an innovative provider data platform, serving as health systems’ central hub for all provider data.  Phynd optimizes provider data – people, places and services – for use in EHR, Marketing and Claims systems via platform tools which offer provider enrollment, management, search and outreach across the enterprise.

Phynd dynamically serves up your provider data in a personalized web/mobile experience, continuously sharing updates with EHRs and other systems via an easy-to-deploy, modern API. Health systems using Phynd enjoy an improved consumer experience, increased utilization, more efficient patient access, registration, scheduling, reduced claim delays and data administration, and more efficient marketing and management of clinical networks.


Launched by Tom White in 2013, Phynd joined symplr in February 2021, to accelerate innovation and to provide the best provider data management solution available today. 

By the Numbers

350+ Hospitals          35 Health Systems          97% Renewal Rate 

Phynd the Return on Your Investment

Phynd provides a platform that allows for a significant reduction in redundant and costly processes, opening the door to an innovative and consumer-facing health care environment.  Current client partnerships have reported instant savings such as reducing the need for call center operations and the potential errors in spreadsheet data management.


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“We have gone live with Phynd because of the depth and breadth of Phynd’s provider and location profiles, as well as its powerful search capability, giving us an enterprise-wide, single source of truth to manage all provider and related information. The bi-directional integration with Epic will ensure that provider, specialty, location, health plan and other information in Epic is always accurate and up-to-date.”

Sri Bharadwaj MS, FCGMA, FHIMSS,


Chief Information Security Officer, UCI Health





Phynd works with industry leaders to deploy its provider search

 in a way which enhances the value of their offerings to clients.

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EHR Vendors.  Phynd embeds its provider search inside EHRs to improve registration, referrals, and claims processes, and reduced data management.  Phynd offers real-time provider enrollment in Epic Hyperspace, available on the Epic App Orchard.  Phynd also connects to Cerner, Meditech and Allscripts.

Digital Agency Partners.  Progressive health systems showcase sophisticated Find a Doctor websites, designed by consultancies such as MedTouch, who combine design expertise with Phynd's advanced provider search.  The result?  A better consumer experience - perfect patient-provider matching every time, with real-time scheduling directly in the EHR.

Reputation Management Vendors.  Binary Fountain, the leader in ratings, reviews, and listings management, consumes Phynd-curated provider and location data for better SEO. Phynd continuously receives updated reviews and ratings from Binary Fountain for display in provider search. 

Patient Access and Scheduling Systems

MyHealthDirect, a scheduling leader, connects to Phynd for a better provider search experience to support one-touch appointment booking. Stericycle, a patient access and engagement leader, provides a better patient experience through curated provider and location data from Phynd.

Taxonomy. Providers and locations must be mapped to the right specialty, subspecialty, clinical and consumer-friendly terms so patients see the right provider.  Phynd uses Healthwise’s leading taxonomy to deliver a better consumer and provider search experience.

eMPI.  Having a single view of your patients is critical as care delivery depends on multiple platforms.  Verato is the industry leader, helping health systems deliver better healthcare with better person matching.  Phynd and Verato together offer the power of an electronic Master Patient Index married with a central hub of provider data.

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