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    Each month, 20,000 US healthcare providers change their address or contact information

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    Every year, 300,000 healthcare providers change their hospital or practice-group affiliations

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    Every year, 50,000 healthcare providers change their license status

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    30% of the quality scoring system that determines the dispersion of withheld Medicare reimbursements is tied to patient satisfaction scores

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    The healthcare industry experienced the most cyber attacks of any industry with over 100 million records compromised

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    30-40% of healthcare provider records have data quality issues

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    12% of provider records have inaccurate or missing NPI numbers

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    25% of medical claims fall out of the auto-adjudication process due to provider data quality problems

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    10-14% of all mail sent to healthcare providers is returned. Every 100,000 pieces of mail returned costs $400,000

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    Researching and updating provider information typically takes 20-40 minutes per provider at an average cost of $8-15 per provider

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    20-40 minutes ($8-15) is required to research and update a single healthcare provider’s data

Phynd Solution

Phynd offers health systems a SaaS solution that serves as the single trusted source of provider information - 

who they are, where they work, what their expertise is, and what qualifications they have.

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Phynd Solution Overview

With Phynd, you can

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    Accelerate your revenue cycle to maximise timely reimbursements

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    Streamline your clinical communications to improve patient care

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    Enrich your online provider search to reduce referral leakage

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    Boost your operational productivity by democratizing the management of provider data

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    Improve your risk management and compliance to avoid fines and penalties

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    Enhance the consumer experience and reinforce your brand

The Provider Information Management Challenge

Provider information drives the most fundamental processes in health care, yet this asset continues to be undermanaged and inefficiently maintained. Provider information is stored in multiple systems, but it is not shared and managed across the enterprise.

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    Phynd’s EPDM solution solves the provider data management challenge with an enterprise solution to gather, manage and share provider data


How good is your provider information?

Clinical Systems

Do you have…

  • Independent and siloed systems that impede information exchange and hinder care coordination?
  • Expensive and highly-trained resources performing tedious time-consuming data updates?
  • Hard to use tools to manage new data elements (e.g., Direct address)?
  • Past instances of provider licensure or sanction issues?

Financial Systems

Do you have…

  • Delayed or lost revenue resulting from an inefficient revenue cycle?
  • High labor costs associated with adding new referring providers?
  • Past instances of non-compliance that affected Meaningful Use reimbursements?

Marketing Systems

Do you have…

  • Patient referral leakage and revenue challenges resulting from poor online bad search results?
  • Issues associating your providers to various affiliate websites (hospital, CIN, ACO)?
  • Negative patient feedback about their online experiences?
  • Past instances of fines from inaccurate provider directories?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you could be
risking patient well-being, revenues, and reputation

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Phynd is simplifying provider information management
for some of the most respected healthcare systems in the US.

Multiple ownership types

  • 80% non-profit
  • 12% for-profit
  • 8% public

650,000 providers

  • 70,000 credentialed
  • 580,000 referring

200 hospitals

  • 39,000 beds
  • 20 states

450 Phynd users

  • 300 end users
  • 100 group admins
  • 50 admins
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